Monday 18 October 2010

Twickenham, The Dip c1913

Where Heath Road meets Twickenham Green, the road dips under the railway bridge. Just before the bridge was the Red Lion pub. There has been a pub there for a couple of hundred years. If you click the modern Streetview image you'll see it's final incarnation as a pub. Alas, in mid 2010 it has ceased to be a pub. It is now (October 2010) a Tesco convenience store.

Twickenham Red Lion from 2009 Streetview (does not show current incarnation as a Tesco store):

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Here's a view from 1911, nearer the bridge, showing the celebrations for George V's coronation - The Infants' Tramride:

Here's a view from a postcard of about 1906, showing the shops on the left side of the road. The shops have been replaced by an ugly office block. The shop on the right past the post office is Deaytons, a well known local chain of shops. They sold out to Williamsons in about 1913.

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  1. I am looking for details of the coal merchants that had a 'shop' on Heath Rd Twickenham, on the same side of the road as Goatly in the top image but further back towards the town centre.



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