Wednesday 27 October 2010

Ealing, Mattock Lane, Clark's College c1910

Clark's College, Ealing c1910. I think the machine on the right is some sort of road-laying equipment. The alley at the left of the picture is called Barnes Pickle. If you look at the modern Streetview image of the college building here you can see there is no alley. If you move a few yards to the right here you can see the alley has moved to a new location. The college is now a preparatory school.

The College building now:

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Detail of the road-laying machine and workers:

Old postcard of the principal's office c1907:


  1. wow! - that is some machine!

  2. Hi This is actually New Broadway (Uxbridge Road) and not Mattock Lane. A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 7 published in 1982 says:

    "A branch of Clark's college was at no. 45 Uxbridge Road from 1910, then at no. 95 New Broadway, and finally, until 1965, at no. 83."

    The alley Barnes Pikle has not moved.


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