Saturday 9 October 2010

Knaphill, Barrack Hill, 1913

Knaphill is a small town to the west of Woking. Notice in the window someone is sitting on the ledge to clean the window. By an extraordinary coincidence someone is doing exactly the same thing in the modern Streetview image. Edit January 2013 - Google have updated their Street View image for this scene so I've included a screenshot below to show the previous scene showing someone cleaning the window. Click the postcard (and Google Street View) to enlarge.

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  1. Hello Howard. Some years ago you kindly sent me some images of Knaphill for my personal interest as I wanted some prints on my wall. I am now in a position where I am involved in production of a website for the village and I wondered if I could have your permission to use the images in the history section? Please email me to let me know. We will give you full acknowledgement if you are agreeable, of course. With thanks and best wishes. Annie Wheeler



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