Sunday 31 October 2010

Colnbrook Coronation Clock and Post Office c1910

This postcard was originally published by Young & Co circa 1910, then republished by W. H. Applebee in about 1912. I wonder what happened to the clock?

 Colnbrook today. The building on the right has survived.

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Friday 29 October 2010

Kingston-Upon-Thames, Brook Street, The Watersplash c1910

The watersplash was in Brook Street. The street has changed so much that it is impossible to tell where the watersplash was. Click here for Streetview of Brook Street, Kingston today.

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Thursday 28 October 2010

Roehampton High Street c1915

Roehampton High Street c1915. Postcard by Holman of Surbiton. Click here for modern Streetview of this area. Just out of shot on the left is the historic Kings Head pub, now sadly derelict.

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Wednesday 27 October 2010

Ealing, Mattock Lane, Clark's College c1910

Clark's College, Ealing c1910. I think the machine on the right is some sort of road-laying equipment. The alley at the left of the picture is called Barnes Pickle. If you look at the modern Streetview image of the college building here you can see there is no alley. If you move a few yards to the right here you can see the alley has moved to a new location. The college is now a preparatory school.

The College building now:

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Detail of the road-laying machine and workers:

Old postcard of the principal's office c1907:

Boscombe, Dorset c1910

I'm not sure what all the flags in this postcard are out for, but it may be have been Empire Day. Ths postcard was sent in October 1910. Click here for modern Streetview of this scene. Postcard published by Young & Co of Teddington.

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Tuesday 26 October 2010

Hammersmith Broadway c1926

Postcard by Degens. The poster on the far left under the Shepherds Bush Empire poster is advertising a film called 'Hold That Lion'. Click here for modern Streetview of this scene.

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Monday 25 October 2010

Gunnersbury Station c1907

The station has changed a lot over the years. Postcard by Young & Co of Teddington. Click here for modern Streetview. Gunnersbury is in West London, near Ealing.

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Sunday 24 October 2010

Balham Hippodrome c1910

Postcard by Young & Co. The theatre was originally called the Royal Duchess Theatre. Damaged by a bomb in the war, it was finally demolished in the 1960s. It was replaced by a block of flats. Read about the theatre here. For modern Streetview, click here.

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Saturday 23 October 2010

Wandsworth Fire Station 1906

Postcard by Richard Charles Young of Young & Co, Teddington. The original fire station was destroyed by a bomb in 1940. Click here for modern Streetview.

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Friday 22 October 2010

Brentford, Middlesex, London Road 1913

Although they look very different, the Streetview image shows the same location as the postcard. The pub at the end of the terrace is the only thing that has remained. The railway bridge on the right of the postcard has long gone. There is an excellent website about Brentford here.

Click here for Streetview of London Road Brentford today.

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Uxbridge Market House c1912

A postcard by W. H. Applebee of Ashford. One of the rarest in my collection.

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Details from the WHA postcard:

Thursday 21 October 2010

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Shepperton, Middlesex c1912

Postcard by W. H. Applebee. The pub used to be called the Railway Hotel.

Click here for modern Streetview of this location. The pub is now call the Crossroads. New Road is now called Laleham Road.

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Tuesday 19 October 2010

Guildford Theatre Royal 1913

Both of these postcards were photographed in 1913, this one by W. H. Applebee in July:

This one was taken by Holman of Surbiton in August:

The theatre was opened in 1912 and closed in 1932. There is an excellent web page about it here. Click here for a modern Streetview of this area today.

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Monday 18 October 2010

Twickenham, The Dip c1913

Where Heath Road meets Twickenham Green, the road dips under the railway bridge. Just before the bridge was the Red Lion pub. There has been a pub there for a couple of hundred years. If you click the modern Streetview image you'll see it's final incarnation as a pub. Alas, in mid 2010 it has ceased to be a pub. It is now (October 2010) a Tesco convenience store.

Twickenham Red Lion from 2009 Streetview (does not show current incarnation as a Tesco store):

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Here's a view from 1911, nearer the bridge, showing the celebrations for George V's coronation - The Infants' Tramride:

Here's a view from a postcard of about 1906, showing the shops on the left side of the road. The shops have been replaced by an ugly office block. The shop on the right past the post office is Deaytons, a well known local chain of shops. They sold out to Williamsons in about 1913.

Sunday 17 October 2010

Southall Broadway c1912

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Grayswood, Surrey c1912

Grayswood, showing the post office. Postcard by W. H. Applebee. The three-wheeled vehicle is an A.C. Sociable. This vehicle belonged to Applebee and appears in many of his postcards.

The post office is now a private house. Grayswood today:

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Friday 15 October 2010

Dorking Station and Star & Garter Hotel c1908

Photo by Young & Co of Teddington. 

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Hatton Mission Hall, Middlesex c1910

Hatton is right next to Heathrow Airport. It is nice to see that this old building still survives, although it has now been converted to offices. Postcard by Young & Co of Teddington.

Hatton today. If you turn the camera to the right you can see a wonderful dilapidated barn within a stone's throw of the airport.

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Heston, Middlesex c1930

This photographic postcard was taken by a photographer and postcard publisher whom postcard collectors call 'The Oasthouse Publisher' because of the small oasthouse logo on the back of his cards. I'm fairly sure that he was Charles Mitchell, the step-brother of W. H. Applebee. Click here for modern Streetview of this location.

Detail from the postcard (click to enlarge):

Bray, Windsor Road c1913

No longer a post office. Note the unmade road. 

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Sandhurst High Street c1912

Sandhurst is a village in Berkshire, near the borders of Hampshire and Surrey. It is famous for the military college. This picture shows the premises of Arthur Biggadyke, draper and clothier. The woman in the picture is probably his wife Martha. Postcard by W. H. Applebee.

Now a private house. Sandhurst High Street today:

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Thursday 14 October 2010

Chiswick, Duke Road c1913

The pub was called The Bolton Hotel. This area appears to be all residential now. 

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Wednesday 13 October 2010

Farncombe, Surrey c1913

Another lovely postcard by W. H. Applebee of Ashford. It is interesting to see that in the old postcard there is a very old half-timbered house. In the modern Streetview you can see a mock-tudor half-timbered row of shops. Farncombe is near Godalming.

Farncombe Street today:

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Camberley, Surrey, High Street c1912

Camberley, Surrey, High Street circa 1912. It is pleasing to see that the building that housed the cinema  - 'Camberley Electric Theatre' has survived, but unfortunately the buildings next to it have not. Postcard by Young & Co of Teddington. Click the postcard to enlarge.

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Teddington, Middlesex, High Street 1906

Teddington High Street is still an attractive street. This is an early card by Young & Co of Teddington.

Teddington High Street today:

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Twickenham, Middlesex, London Road c1913

This part of Twickenham has changed a lot, but the distant buildings in the centre of the picture are relatively unchanged.

London Road Twickenham today:

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Isleworth, Middlesex, Busch Corner c1906

This lovely postcard was produced by Alfred Kaye of Sunbury in about 1906. The apparatus on the far left appears to be a device to assist in the maintenance of the overhead electric cables for the trams. I've had to do some restoration on this image to correct fading.

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Tuesday 12 October 2010

Bracknell, Berkshire, Church Road c1910

Bracknell seems to have changed almost beyond recognition in the last hundred years. Only the distant church spire has remained in this view. I also have quite a few postcards of Bracknell High Street, but the High Street has changed so much I have absolutely no idea how to match them up wth the Streetview location, so I'm unable to post them here.

Bracknell Church Road today:

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Colnbrook High Street, Berkshire c1910

Colnbrook is a village to the west of Heathrow Airport. Postcard by Young & Co of Teddington.

Colnbrook High Street today.

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Hanworth, Middlesex, The Swan and Pond, c1910

The pub is still there, but what happened to the pond?

Edit - it looks like the pub has closed too. Shame.

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St. Mary Woolnoth, King William St., London, c1905

This church in the City of London, at the corner of King William Street and Lombard Street, has a curious Italianate style. It was designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor and completed in 1716.

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Yiewsley / West Drayton, Middlesex c1910

The sign on the building in the centre of the picture says 'West Drayton Wallpaper Factory'. The building on the far left is still there.Postcard by W. H. Smiths in their 'Kingsway' series. Click the postcard to enlarge.

Yiewsley today.

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Marlow Market Square c1913

Marlow Market Square today. The Crown closed in June 2008.

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Sunday 10 October 2010

Twickenham, Heath Road, Witt Bakers Shop, 1907

Witt had a series of postcards produced to promote their bakery shop at 34 Heath Road, Twickenham.

Heath Road Twickenham today.

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Another one of Witt's postcards:

St Margarets Station 1907

St Margarets is just north of Twickenham. The view has changed surprisingly little over the years. This postcard was published by Young & Co.

I took this picture in January 2006:

Saturday 9 October 2010

Knaphill, Barrack Hill, 1913

Knaphill is a small town to the west of Woking. Notice in the window someone is sitting on the ledge to clean the window. By an extraordinary coincidence someone is doing exactly the same thing in the modern Streetview image. Edit January 2013 - Google have updated their Street View image for this scene so I've included a screenshot below to show the previous scene showing someone cleaning the window. Click the postcard (and Google Street View) to enlarge.

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