Saturday 9 October 2010

Hounslow and Whitton border, South Western Hotel 1904 and 1913

The first picture shows the hotel just after it was built. The postcard is dated January 1905 and was sent by one of the hotel's barmen to a fellow barman at the Lord Clyde in North London. He describes the good fishing in the area. 

This is how the hotel looked in early 2010. It was called the Blue Ginger Bar and had recently shut down. There were plans to demolish it, but it looks like it may be saved and turned into another restaurant. Click this link for a Google Streetview of the building.

This picture shows the hotel about ten years after the first picture was taken.

Streetview of Whitton today:

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  1. Quick update: Top floor has extended and converted for accommodation, while change of use to retail has been granted for the ground floor. The Garden has been sold for separate development as flats. The facade and tower remain intact.



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