Tuesday 26 July 2011

Facit, Near Whitworth, Lancashire, Facit New Mill c1906

Facit, Near Whitworth, Lancashire, Facit New Mill circa 1906. This magnificent cotton mill was built in around 1904 on the site of an earlier mill. It closed in the 1960s. The chimney has long since been demolished. The mill's fate is now very uncertain. This postcard, by an uncredited publisher, has a lovely colour to it. The upper half is light sepia and the bottom is much darker. Normally I'd consider this a defect, but in this case I think it enhances the photograph. The cart on the right has the words 'John Taylor Pure Yeasts and Sweets' painted on the back. This site describes a visit to the mill in 2011, you can see that the interior has some well preserved features and some spectacular tiling. Click the postcard to enlarge.

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  1. It is a lovely building, a very unusual roof top that takes your total attention, except for the clouds, they are very beautiful and always take center lead! that's one thing about the sepia photos, or at least one doesn't come quickly to mind, but most sepia photos I have any way don't really have tremendous clouds...now I'll be on the search of sepia with many clouds!

    1. this building is to be demolished end of january 2012
      it will take 3 months--anyone interested in recording its sad end?

    2. Sad to see these old Buildings go, but the memories will stay for ever.

    3. The Memories of this Mill and Facit will stay forever. The Mill was demolished March 2012 .Margaret x

  2. I miss our Land mark, Facit will never look the same again .



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