Tuesday 19 June 2012

Bedfont, Middlesex, Staines Road, The Black Dog c1930

Bedfont, Middlesex, Staines Road, The Black Dog circa 1930. The old Black Dog pub you see in the postcard was pulled down and replaced by a stylish modern building in 1968. The replacement pub (pictured in 1975 below by Ed Ashmore and shown from the opposite direction) was pulled down in the early 1990s and we are left with the sight we see here in the Google Street View - some flats, a car park and a car repair garage. Postcard by Charles Mitchell of Hampton. Click the pictures to enlarge.

Black Dog c1930 by Charles Mitchell

Black Dog 1975 by Ed Ashmore

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  1. Even the 1960s/70s pub is an improvement on now :)

  2. The repair garage was previously a petrol station when the black dog was there.

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  4. Try not to take administrations of worker for hire since it might build the opportunity of future inconveniences for your paving project.

  5. Anybody know anything or have photos of Church on corner of Staines/Imperial Road?
    Been called:
    Bedfont Tabernacle
    Bedfont Evangelical Curch
    Now known as Bethany Church .



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