Tuesday 30 August 2011

London, Oxford Circus c1910

London, Oxford Circus circa 1910. In this very busy street scene we can see Peter Robinson's department store on the left-hand side. Further on is the furniture maker, Waring and Gillow. The street looks just as busy then as it does nowadays. Note the milkcart about to negotiate the junction. On the right you can see the entrance to the tube station. Postcard published by C & H Gurnsey of Paddington.
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  1. I always find myself saying that yesteryear looks more appealing! Those gaslights (?) in the centre of the street are beautiful street architecture.

  2. Wha ta busy street scene. I also spy Waring & Gillow, which started in my husband’s home town of Lancaster.

  3. Those street lights make me swoon.

    We are planning a trip to the U.k. next spring, the second for me, the first for my husband. I plan to go through your old blog posts and look for places we might wan to visit.

  4. What is the curious 3-wheel cart just to the right of center? A vendor's cart? The photo really captures the hustle of the city.



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