Sunday 19 December 2010

Hanworth, Middlesex, Main Street c1905

This postcard was very badly faded so I've had to edit it, although I haven't done a particularly good job. The building in the centre with half a roof was a beer house (like a pub, but only licensed to sell beer) - the Flower In Hand. I'm not absolutely sure the Google Streetview is showing exactly the right location, but the pub was definitely in Main Street and this is the only place where the road makes a sharp left turn. The postcard was posted in 1908 and judging by the caption this part of Hanworth was considered old back then. It is unrecognisable now of course. I have another Hanworth pub postcard on this blog - The Swan.

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Detail from the Hanworth postcard. The Flower In Hand is selling Ashby's Entire. Entire was a kind of stout. The young girls are playing with a skipping rope. Click on picture to enlarge.

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