Tuesday 12 March 2013

Hammersmith, West London, King Street c1913

Hammersmith, West London, King Street c1913. The roof-line of these shops indicate that they are very old indeed, possibly 17th century. It is remarkable that they have survived largely intact. To the left of Oliver Pryce's bakery (the shop with 'Hovis' painted on the outside) we can see the Forester's Arms beer house run by John Neville. Beer houses were only licenced to sell beer, unlike pubs which could sell wine and spirits too. Unfortunately the Forester's Arms has been replaced by an ugly modern building which is out of character with the other shops. To the right of Oliver Pryce's bakery was 'S. Lambourne, Corset Specialist'. This postcard was published by Young and Co of Teddington.  My apologies for the excessive watermarking for this post.
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  1. The detail is amazing, I would love to have a look round the corset shop! I imagine everything was behind counters and shut away in those wooden drawers that they have in old shops.
    As for progress - criminal!

  2. I would think some establishments, like a corset shop, rarely, if ever, had a gentleman step in check out the merchandise. Similarly the tobacconist shops can't have had many women customers. But Spratt's dog biscuit shop must have been a fun place where everyone went to hang out! If there were "pocket" biscuits, how big were the regular ones?

  3. Thanks for shharing this



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