Sunday 16 December 2012

Maidenhead, Berkshire, High Street and Town Hall c1910

Maidenhead, Berkshire, High Street and Town Hall circa 1910. The Town Hall on the right has long since gone, as have all of the other buildings in the postcard. Postcard published by Young & Co of Teddington. Click the postcard to enlarge.

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  1. The google map took a little time to load which meant I savoured the detail of the original, wondering what the school girls crossing the road were talking about, and thinking I'd like a look round Catliff's china rooms, and weren't street lights a pretty design back then, and then suddenly I was hit with the shock of the now! What a loss!

    1. 2024 now & even worse, like most UK towns. Sad & worrying.

  2. What a fun scene. So much going on!

  3. It's 4:30, school is out, it's time for tea. A busy place then and now too, but without the charm.



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