Wednesday 3 October 2012

Shere, Surrey, The White Horse Pub, c1906

Shere, Surrey, The White Horse Pub, circa 1906. Shere is a picturesque village in Surrey. Whenever I've been there it has been packed with daytrippers. The White Horse pub is still in business.
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  1. A pretty village. The White Horse is such a common pub name, does it refer to some historic horse?

    1. Good question Mike. Alas I don't know the answer. It is certainly a common name for a pub.

  2. Among my life ambitions is to visit the White Horse in Surrey. As I understand it, my great-grandparents owned and operated the pub during the Second World War, and my grandparents met there when my grandfather, a Canadian soldier, was stationed in the area during the early years of the war.

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