Tuesday 3 July 2012

Covent Garden, London c1910

Covent Garden, London c1910. Covent Garden was one of London's main fruit and vegetable markets until the 1970s. It is now a shopping centre and tourist attraction in its own right and well worth a visit. It is also very close to London's theatreland. There are many clubs and bars, restaurants, shops and museums nearby and the Royal Opera House is also there. Postcard by the prolific publishers LL. Click the postcard to enlarge.

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  1. LL was Louis Levy, a Frenchman who as far as I know travelled around Europe on his own taking the photos. I have several of his postcards from Hastings (where I was born) and Sussex.

    1. My mistake at the time - I had been misinformed. Louis et Levy were two people not one :-)

  2. Delighted to find your site/postcards - I worked "in" the area of the 1910 card - Russell Chambers, the terracotta coloured building in the far background, until everyone at the National Federation of Fruit & Potato Trades moved to Nine Elms in the early 1970s. I "emigrated" to work for the EEC in Brussels. My interest in your site started with the Pelabon Works 1914-1918, material I'm using to help my voluntary work on teaching English to Belgian retirees at the "Université des Aînés" (Senior Citizens) Brussels. I'm also a postcard collector (lots of LLs France etc.) Best regards,



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