Monday 28 May 2012

Camberley, Surrey, London Road c1912

Camberley, Surrey, London Road circa 1912. These two postcards by W. H. Applebee of Ashford were taken from approximately the same vantage point, but looking in different directions. In the first postcard, WHA712, we are looking south-west. It is interesting to note that the oldest looking building in the modern Google Street View, the half-timbered 'Old Thai House' is actually the most modern, it did not exist in that form a hundred years ago. In the second postcard, WHA1332, we are looking north-east. The Cambridge Hotel is still there, but has changed quite a lot. The Google Street View shows it as a bar called RSVP, though I believe that this has closed down now. Click the postcards to enlarge.

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  1. Howard, great photos. you might want to check out our photos of the A30 on Flickr.



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