Saturday, 19 May 2012

Richmond, Surrey, The Quadrant c1905

Richmond, Surrey, The Quadrant circa 1905. This postcard was photographed and published by Frank George Case, of Richmond, Surrey, in about 1905. Frank George Case (b1856-d1937) lived most of his life in Richmond with his sister Annie and his brother Herbert. None of them ever married. This is one of his many postcards of Richmond. Most were cheaply printed lithographs by Morgan and Kidd, but this is one of his rarer real photo postcards. On the right we can see the Brown Bear pub. On the Google Streetview it is a branch of Next clothes store, but that recently closed down and the Brown Bear is now a branch of Robert Dyas hardware stores. In this busy scene a man with a top hat is crossing the road and there are many people going about their daily business. Click on the postcard to enlarge (300dpi).

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  1. Oh, what a shame that the Brown Bear no longer exists! That's a pub I should definitely have liked to visit. Who needs NEXT, anyway?

  2. This is a really good before and after because it's easy to see the old footprint. It appears they took the top of one building and put it on the one next to it.

  3. I really love these photos of bustling city life. There's so much going on.

  4. There are more people than I would have expected in the glorious old shot.

  5. One of my favorite streets! It captures a moment that seems so ordinary and yet filled with the details of Richmond life. I will get to see it again in a week when we visit London/Richmond on holiday. Perhaps I'll bring my top hat too!

  6. Nearly almost the same, funny the next building took off that cool original name and the building (kind of like a castle tower) removed the flag...very cool photo!

  7. Nice view. I especially like the man in mid stride.

  8. This is a great idea, i love to see the before and after shots. How did you get a still image from Google street view, is there a button to do so or did you just do a print screen?

  9. It was a nice friendly pub. I went there on and off from 1966 to 1978. I lived in Sheen Park Richmond, about five minutes walk away. Anyone remember "Flower John" he used to stand outside selling flowers.

    1. We managed the Brown Bear from 1970 to 72...Gill and Heinz Hoffacker...

  10. Hey,
    currently I translated the diary of my great-great-great grandfather and he tells there of this pub and I would like to use the image in my translation, I can get the image with no watermark?
    I translate that for me and my family. So nothing is sold.

    Best wishes



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