Sunday, 13 March 2011

Wimbledon, Surrey, Alwyne Road Showing Christ Church (Congregational) c1910

Wimbledon, Surrey, Alwyne Road Showing Christ Church (Congregational) c1910. The church was closed 1978 and was replaced by the buildings you can see on the right in the Google Street View. Postcard by Young & Co of Teddington. Click to enlarge.

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  1. I wonder if the church was in terrible disrepair. Seems a shame to replace it with that.

  2. I imagine it was just due to a lack of congregation. Britain is losing its churches and pubs at an alarming rate, both were bedrocks of every community. Now we are also losing all of the shops in our high streets.

  3. Modern architects sure know how to bland things down. It's such a shame. Now everyone is getting interested in mid-century architecture (the 1950's!)
    especially in Los Angeles. They're saving some of them while others are tearing down beautiful old churches. Not that all modern architecture is bad.
    I love seeing the old postcard scenes compared with the new...but it is sometimes sad.



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