Wednesday 25 December 2013

Wimbledon Station 1907

Merry Christmas from Postcards Then and Now. My first postcard, by Young & Co of Teddington, shows an effigy put up by Wimbledon's cabmen in Christmas 1907. He appears to be dressed as a cabman. At the top on his umbrella are the words 'driven from home' and the bottom of the postcard says 'cabmen's only shelter'. I would hazard a guess that the cabmen were being evicted from their shelter, but I do not have any definite information about this other than the postcard. The second postcard, of Wimbledon Station, shows what I think is the cab shelter - the small hut on the left. This postcard is not from my collection and is only displayed in low resolution. The third postcard, again by Young & Co and shows the station again and the cabmen. I suspect this was taken at the same time as the effigy postcard. Notice the dog begging on the left. The Google Street View shows the approximate location today. As always click the postcards to enlarge.
For more Christmas themed old pictures have a ook at the Sepia Saturday blog.

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  1. Flippin' ace! Been there many times. Like the dog doing the sit-up-and-beg in the 3rd pic :D

  2. Thank you for providing a link to Wikipedia so those of us not-in-the-know could find out exactly what a cab shelter is/was. Interesting postcards. The begging dog is cute. Hopefully it got tasty handouts. Happy Holidays!

  3. A brilliant set of images, Howard. I've walked past these shelters (those that remain) many times and never knew they were historic structures. The overhead telephone wires add a sense of impending doom to the horse drawn hack. I wonder when and where the very last one worked? My best wishes to you for the new year.

  4. I hope you had a good Christmas Howard and we look forward to seeing more of your wonderful collection in 2014

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