Sunday 15 September 2013

Hampton Wick, Middlesex, The Bridge Foot 1906

Hampton Wick, Middlesex, The Bridge Foot 1906. Looking towards Kingston Bridge and Kingston. The trams are both going to the tram terminus near Hampton Court Palace, just half a mile or so to the right. The tram on the left is the service from Richmond Bridge. Postcard by Young & Co of Teddington. Click the postcard to enlarge.
For more old pictures have a look at the Sepia Saturday blog.

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  1. I imagine travelling on an open-topped tram might be quite perilous at times. Wonderful pc.

  2. Trams seem like they would have been an over complicated system to install both in the road for the rails and above for the electric lines. Perhaps they were suitable for regions south of the river where the underground and train lines were less developed. The adverts are fun to see. When was the last time A-1 or Robin Starch needed to advertise?

  3. English place names are so lovely and idiosyncratic.

  4. Wonderful location, and I'm dreaming of taking a ride on (are they called Trams?) in the before photo.

  5. They have restored a London United tram, like the one on the left, at the tram museum at Crich. So now it is possible to experience riding on them again.



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