Wednesday 28 September 2011

Ladbroke Grove, West London, Chesterton Road Post Office 1909

Ladbroke Grove, West London, Chesterton Road Post Office 1909. It was a stroke of luck to be able to find the location of this postcard. The original was very faded and there is no postmark on the back to aid with identification. There is a message on the back dated July 7th 1909. The person I bought the postcard from said it came from a collection of cards from around the Notting Hill area. After a little editing I was able to read the '.....erton Road' sign at the top which enabled me to pinpoint the Chesterton Road location. Amazingly the shop is still there, though it has lost much of its charm. Click the postcard to enlarge.

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  1. Hello: How absolutely intriguing this is. The 1909 postcard does, in fact, enlarge very well to show quite an amount of detail. As we said in our comment on your recent Cleveleys post, we do not really collect old cards but this is so fascinating and so interesting that the shop remains albeit, as you say, with much of its original charm sadly lost.

  2. This is an interesting picture. I do admire the way they were able to stack all their tins like that.

  3. Fascinating photo and great detective work. The boys on the left have odd armbands. What could that mean?

  4. my parents used to own this shop so it's great to be able to see this old postcard and how it used to look. Did you find anymore postcards of the area? haven't had a chance to look properly through your website.



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