Wednesday 21 September 2011

Cleveleys, Lancashire, West Drive c1920

Cleveleys, Lancashire, West Drive circa 1920. Cleveleys lies on the west coast of Lancashire, just north of Blackpool. It is pleasing to see that the picket fence of the house on the right has survived. A solitary horse and cart travels towards the camera. Postcard by uncredited publisher. Click the postcard to enlarge.

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  1. Hello Howard:
    It is quite by chance that we have discovered you. Although we could not claim to any degree to collect old postcards, beyond those of Budapest where we live, and Weobley, Herefordshire where we once did, we are, nonetheless, fascinated with pictures of, and most likely all things to do with, the past. To see, as you show, a scene compared with today is absolutely fascinating. We are enthralled!!

  2. Almost an American suburban street scene. The preservation of such a fine gate though is very British.



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