Wednesday 1 June 2011

Epsom, Surrey, c1914

Epsom, Surrey, circa 1914. This fine photographic postcard was published by Holman of Surbiton. Holman's postcards are notable for the high quality of the photography and printing. Unfortunately little is known about Mr Holman himself. He was probably Henry Holman, born 1871. Henry Holman (with Henry Wiles) took over Edward Gane Inge's postcard business and pharmacy in Haslemere, but I think Holman moved on and set up on his own in about 1912.
Epsom is clearly a little busier today. Click the picture to enlarge, there are some nice details to be seen in the enlarged image.

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  1. The Detail On The Top Photo Is Very Impressive.

  2. I have a copy of a photo showing my wife's grandfather outside Duff House in Banffshire holding onto a Clydesdale horse (Dandaleith Quentin) the photo is credited to Henry Holman. The photo was taken pre-WWII and Henry seems to have travelled a long way from Surbiton...

  3. Know it very well. Excellent pic. Once spent a night in the pub on the right.

    Oh, cracking blog, by the way!



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