Wednesday 25 May 2011

Sheldwich, near Faversham, Kent, 1920s

Sheldwich, near Faversham, Kent, 1920s. Fortunately the ancient house is no longer a petrol station, as it was in this 1920s postcard. The road looks a bit busier these days. Notice the old lean-to used as a shop, now replaced by a fairly unobtrusive extension to the front of the house. However, if this were my house I'd demolish the extension to restore the house to how it would have looked before it was a petrol station. It is a pity the building is so close to a main road.
Postcard published by Bells series in the 1920s. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Gosh it's amazing it has survived the years, so many petrol stations in this part of the country (in the Midlands), especially those where there is a road junction like that, have been demolished to make way for about 6 or so new houses all squashed into the plot of land.

  2. Newhouse Court Sheldwich is my old home. It is fantastic. Loads of beams,plenty of space.Was a hall house dating back to c1540, with jettied gallery. Half acres garden. Very large side addition. Mr Hursey an artist and scultor lived there. He made a carved linen fold door to lounge and carved the front door, adding an ancient bell. There is a galleried section to the back upper floor, 5 bedrooms, library, lounge, dining room and kitchen. A huge cellar was later discovered,the same size as the house.There is a large driveway.



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