Sunday 14 July 2013

Tollesbury, Essex, Mell Road c1910

Tollesbury, Essex, Mell Road c1910. Tollesbury is a village on the cost of Essex, well known for its oysters. This postcard was published by Young & Co of Teddington. It is unusual to see a postcard by him of such an easterly location. Click the postcard to enlarge. I've included a close-up of the children standing in the street.

For more old pictures have a look at this week's Sepia Saturday blog.

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  1. It's hardly altered!
    I bet those boys hated those white collars:)

  2. A very atmospheric scene with the tree branches and the mist. Love that the children are in the street too.

  3. A photo that gets more interest with the children. The boy on the right looks more disheveled than the other better dressed boys, as if he might be employed. The boy 3rd from right has lettering on his jersey. A school name?

  4. I must say I rather like this postcard with that group on the road. I'm guessing their game was interrupted by the photographer.

  5. Not too many changes to that road. It's amazing after all the years that it still looks the same. Except for those newish houses on the right. The kids look so scrubbed and nicely dressed - maybe it's right before church.



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