Wednesday 1 August 2012

Holborn, London c1910

Holborn, London circa 1910. For some reason the publisher has attempted to make this scene look busier than it actually was - the car in the centre of the postcard has been crudely grafted onto the picture and a shadow has been painted underneath it. The scene was already very busy and I can't think what benefit this would have achieved. Everything else in the photo appears to be correct. Perhaps it is there to cover up a blemish on the negative. Postcard by W. H. Smiths in their 'Kingsway' series. Click the postcard to enlarge.

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  1. So many possibilities. I think you're right that they may have been trying to cover a flaw in the picture (or some unfortunate roadkill?) Or maybe it was just fun to practice adding another car.

  2. A great contrast between the then and now urban worlds. I know this route well and the modern street scene is often just as congested but the sounds and smells can not compare to the earlier postcard. I like your idea Howard, of the blemish fix. My favorite is the wagon on the right piled high with boxes.

  3. How they would have loved photoshop :)
    Great postcard.

  4. great site!I have this card, like the costers barrow in bottom LH corner. It's also one of my collecting interests, note the tin hut in centre with "FIRE" on it and the ladder behind, this was provided by the "Society for the prevention of the loss of life thru fire" or something like that, the early fire engines were provided by the insurance companies and carried no ladders, it was no part of their job to rescue people!there were lots of these ladders(see The Law Courts in the Strand) until the motorised fire engine carried its own



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