Friday 4 February 2011

Weybridge, Surrey, High Street showing Zenith Motor Works c1913

Weybridge, Surrey, High Street c1913. The most striking thing about this postcard is the Zenith motorcycle company's factory right in the High Street, in a small shop, now replaced by a pub called the 'Percy Lambert'.  Zenith moved their factory in 1909 to Weybridge High Street to be close to Brooklands racing circuit. Zenith were a very innovative company and were very successful at racing. The company was run by Freddie Barnes. The sign on the right-hand column says 'Makers of "Zenith" - Bicar (patented) - "Zenette" - Tri-Car'. Check out these links for more info on Zenith:

Wikipedia Entry
Grace's Guide

The Street View is not showing quite the correct angle. If you move forward in the Street View you can see the rest of the street. The left part of the pub occupies Zenith Motor Works and the right side is where International Stores were. Percy Lambert was a racing car driver who raced at Brooklands. I think they should rename the pub to the 'Freddie Barnes', it would be far more appropriate. The grand looking building further on down the street is Holstein Hall, a theatre, now demolished. Holstein Hall will be featuring on this blog in the near future. This postcard was published by Holman of Surbiton, whose postcards are known for their excellent quality. Click to enlarge.

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In the close-up below you can see some workers lounging around in the upper window, possibly having a tea break. Click to enlarge.


  1. The sign writing was painted by Bert Washington 1882-1938 who lived in Chapel Grove Addlestone. He also did a lot of work at Brooklands.

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