Tuesday 4 January 2011

Pensford, Somerset c1910

Here is a view showing the old village lock-up in Pensford. Lock-ups were used to temporarily hold local drunks or miscreants until they could be taken to a magistrate. It is nice to see that this one has survived.

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Here's a view of the weir nearby. The structures behind the children are supports for Pensford Viaduct which is now disused. I've also shown a detail of the children from this postcard. As always, click on the postcards to see enlargements. Both postcards were by Young & Co of Teddington.


  1. Do I have to get drunk to get locked up there? And, can I make arrangements in advance to be locked up there for a week in June? I imagine there's a lovely garden behind that wall.

  2. No problem Christine, but I think the owners are charging £1500 a week for June. The Jeep is extra.



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