Sunday, 4 October 2015

Yiewsley High Street, showing Marlborough Cinema, c1926

Yiewsley is a town just north of Heathrow Airport. The postcard (by W H Applebee) shows the Marlborough Cinema, opened in 1923, renamed to the Ritz in 1956 and closed in 1960. The films being shown are East Lynne and My Son. The cinema stood almost opposite the Town Hall. Click the postcard to enlarge.


  1. Usually Yiewsley would be a London vicinity name that I'd recognize, but this one is new to me. It's sad that the films from the end of the silent era now seem largely forgotten. Do you think the man standing in the cinema doorway could be the proprietor?

    I'm pleased to see you have returned to blogging, Howard. Last weekend I posted a story on my blog about a British postcard from 1906 that was inspired by your wonderful collection and clever detective work.

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